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who am i

«I adorn personal and professional spaces with Meaning and celebrate physical Beauty as the expression of Divinity.»

Murielle Mobengo


Detail of “The Self # 3: Maiden Dressed in Glory”

Acrylic on Fabriano paper (high quality cellulose, acid-free, 300 gsm)

Gilded with 24-carat gold powder

Dimensions: 20" x 27"

Kerala Mural Painting

Year: 2023

what i do

From the West to the East to Africa

My artistic practice blends folk and devotional art styles from the East and the techniques of the European Renaissance.

This fusion results in a mosaic of figurative and decorative art that finds its roots in Mythology.

“The Nose of Durga”

Pencil study

Dimensions: 11" x 15"

Western realistic style, African tresses & Thangka Crown

Year: 2023

art philosophy

What I create serves a dual purpose: to adorn both personal and professional spaces with Harmony, Dynamism, and Joy, but also to bring forth a visual language that uplifts the space and resonates with the soul of the people who inhabit it.

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artistic statement

Whether it be the delicate strokes reminiscent of Kerala Mural Painting or the classical finesse of the European Renaissance, each piece I create intends to be a harmonious dialogue between the East, the West, and Africa.

Being a lover of ancient books and a poet, my artworks aim to convey the poetry of the Self. To express this timeless elegance and poetry, I use increasingly refined inks, natural pigments, metals, and exquisite paper—the preferred medium for crafting "beaux-livres," sacred scriptures, and illuminated manuscripts from antiquity. I am also interested in painting directly on walls, due to my introduction to art through Kerala Mural Painting.

Beyond the realm of mere aesthetics, my art serves as a conduit to the Divine. Each art theme and color palette is meticulously chosen to forge a connection between the viewer and the transcendent, inviting contemplation, reflection, and sweetness.

In essence, my pieces decorate but also adorn spaces with meaning. They stand as a celebration of the Spirit within matter, a subtle space where the aesthetic and the divine converge. Through the reunion of Eastern and Western traditions, I aspire to craft works that not only captivate the physical eye but also touch the inner Self.

Murielle Mobengo

“Existence: A Yogi’s Dance”

Acrylic on paper

Dimensions: 22" x 28"

Memento Mori with doric columns in Kerala Mural style. Year: 2023


(Selected pieces)

The eternal couple

Intricate, sweet & illustrative

the nose of durga

blends modern realistic illustration techniques with Comics and Thangka

mythological sketch

“The Self #1: The first of us is all of us” - Pencil study

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Pencil study on Canson paper of Botticelli s Portrait of a Young Man Holding a Roundel circa 1480